Pence attributes coronavirus spike to younger People ‘disregarding’ Covid steerage

Pence attributes coronavirus spike to young Americans  ‘disregarding’  Covid guidance

“What the American folks ought to know is that due to the management that President Trump has offered, due to the extraordinary innovation that we have now dropped at this job, we’re in a a lot better place to answer these outbreaks than we have been 4 months in the past,” he mentioned. “I imply, right now we are actually testing 500,000 People a day.”

The vice chairman mentioned there’s elevated well being care capability, together with extra private protecting tools and ventilators. He additionally defended the federal authorities’s deference to the states, which some have faulted as a result of it led to a patchwork quilt of guidelines and laws.

“We labored intently in partnership with governors to ensure that that they had what they wanted once they wanted it, tailor-made to the distinctive circumstances of their states,” he mentioned.

He cited success tales in a number of states, together with New York and “early on in states like Washington.”

“We flattened the curve, we slowed the unfold and we did it at a time early on this pandemic the place we have been simply scaling testing up,” Pence mentioned.


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