ACC’s Shrewd Schedule Reveal Cements Self-Serving Energy 5 Mentality

ACC's Shrewd Schedule Reveal Cements Self-Serving Power 5 Mentality

They confused unity. That they had Zoom calls collectively for weeks, months. They have been all on this collectively, the commissioners of faculty soccer’s energy conferences, attempting to navigate a problem the likes of which they’d by no means seen earlier than.

Yeah, good speak.

That was within the spring, when each camaraderie and the soccer season have been straightforward to examine within the summary. Right here within the warmth of July, with time ticking towards a possibly kickoff, all of them have reverted to kind. Now and ceaselessly, it’s each wealthy convention for itself in school soccer.

That is a part of the deal in a patchwork of 130 faculties with no reputable unifying aspect. It was that manner a decade in the past, when realignment become a brazen collection of land grabs purely designed to maximise particular person league income. It was that manner earlier this month, when the Big Ten and Pac-12 were the first to break ranks and declare a scheduling model that eliminated conference games.

And then came the intrigue of Wednesday, July 29. A day that looked like it might pass quietly in the ongoing football schedule vigil erupted with drama late in the afternoon. With Southeastern Conference chess pieces moving behind the scenes, the Atlantic Coast Conference launched a surprise checkmate.

As Sports Illustrated reported Wednesday, the SEC’s athletic directors arrived at a consensus (though not unanimously) regarding a football schedule: like the Big Ten and Pac-12, it would only play conference games in 2020. SI reporters began hearing about the SEC decision around 3:30 p.m. ET. There was no plan by the league to announce anything, since the presidents haven’t yet approved it (and may still not approve it).


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